Moment juju woman stormed clients’ house to demand her share of sakawa money after they cashed out

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An interesting tale of a native doctor storming the house of her clients to demand her pound of flesh after the young man reportedly cashed out from his sakawa activities has been shared uniformly in the grapevine.

According to reports, one of them visited her to prepare charms that they could use to perpetuate cyber fraud. When the operation turned out successfully, they allegedly failed to hold their end of the bargain to ‘settle’ her.

Essentially, she gave them the juju which helped them to achieve their objective and when they used it to obtain money, she besieged their home and demanded a cut of the proceeds.

While demanding her share of the booty, the traditionalist claimed that the gods had informed her that the yahoo boys had cashed out but we’re keeping this information from her to avoid having to pay anything.

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However, the boys claimed that the amount of money they received was insignificant in the viral video, and the herbalist could be seen debating them.


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