Moment man runs out of hospital in robe as he chases his wife for taking his phone away

A brief drama was enacted recently at the premises of an unnamed hospital when a man who has been hospitalised suddenly gained strength and chased after his partner, probably his wife.

The video depicted that the man’s partner took his phone after he was admitted to the hospital.

This obviously scared the hell out of him so he got up and chased after her to ask her to return the phone.

The woman was seen in the video hurriedly leaving the hospital with the man’s phone while fidgeting with it.

She heard him asking her to return with the gadget but she ignored him and hurried on with the cell, drawing massive reactions in the process.

As seen in the video, the patient wore hospital garb while chasing the lady.

A nurse who thought it was medically unwise for the man to get up from his bed and run also chased after him to bring him back.

Interesting stuff there, huh? But why was the man paranoid about his own wife having his phone?



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