Moment Nigerian father forgives and accepts his daughter after she confessed to him that she’s a supi (WATCH)

As opposed to previous reports of men attacking their daughters after they came out as lesbians (supi), a Nigerian father proudly accepted his daughter and forgave her after she revealed her sexual identity.

The lady unable to face her father, called him over the phone and dropped the bombshell as she braced herself for the worst. The lady known as Anita has a Nigerian dad and an Indian mum.

Her father’s unexpected response whereby he told her he still loves her regardless got her all teary as she expected something worst when she also told him that she has a girlfriend.

Watch the video;

Considering how homosexuality is abhorred and detested in our part of the world, a Nigerian man could not forgive his daughter when he realized that she’s into supi.

Together with other family members, the man pounced on the girl and gave her one hell of a beating. In a corresponding video attached to this report, the lady was captured in a loved-up moment with her lesbian partner as they were seen kissing and lying in bed.

Her father who spoke in Igbo held her by the neck as he asked why she chose to practice such. Watch the video below;


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