Moment Shatta Wale kneels before show organiser to apologise for missing Hogbetsotso show after Bola Ray intervened

Blogger Ronnie is Everywhere has shared a video of the moment Shatta Wale remorsefully went down on his knees to apologise to the Executive Director of Total Family Health Organisation and brand owner of Ebony Condoms, Joseph Addo-Yobo over the Hogbetsotso fiasco.

Days ago, Africa’s most decorated artiste took to social media to provide a reason for his absence at the Hogbetsotso Beach Rave which went down live in Tegbi in the Volta Region of Ghana.

It was previously stated that Shatta, the event’s headliner, did not appear on stage despite having arrived in town and was even with his entourage in rented cars provided by the organisers.

“It is interesting to note that Shatta Wale had shown up at the venue of the concert in vehicles rented for him and his team by the organizers yet could not be found afterwards.

All efforts by the two management teams to get him to come to the concert grounds to perform to the waiting crowd proved futile,” parts of the statement from the organizers read.

Obviously, fans and organisers were left utterly disappointed by the turn of events which is why the Dancehall has given his side of the story on social media.

After days of silence, Shatta has taken to social media to state reasons for his absence on stage.

Wale said he was driven directly to a radio station to grant an interview when he already had an agreement with organizers that he would not participate in such an arrangement or even greet any chief.

He added that one of the organizers threatened to withhold his accommodation if he fails to grant the interview and that was when he took off.

In this new development, Wale’s godfather Bola Ray led him to the show organiser to apologise to him for the unfortunate situation.

Unexpectedly, the SM boss went down on his knees to apologise to Joseph Addo-Yobo but he was quickly asked to get up because a ‘big man’ like him should not be kneeling down in that manner.


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