Moment two young men were caught by CCTV cameras drinking fruit juices from mall shelf without paying for it- Watch

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Two young men have been spotted in a CCTV footage stealthily drinking fruit juices and bottles of other drinks displayed on the shelf of an unidentified shopping mall.

The cunning boys were seen laughing while perpetrating their nefarious activities as they move from one shelf to the other drinking and returning the bottles to their original position, half empty.

Apparently, they had no intention of paying for the drinks and it’s obvious that is what they have been doing in different places.

Watch the video below;

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In other news, a lady who purportedly hails from Nigeria has set a precedent with her out-of-the-box creativity on photoshoot.

The lady as sighted in the various photos, was spotted rocking a yellow blouse and a visible black bralette while posing with her white panties as she attempts to take them off reminiscent of one readying to have an intensive stroke of manhood from her man.

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She positioned her panties slightly below her thighs in what looked to be an unusual approach to photo-snapping and the internet has been left dumbfounded.

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