“Money Doubling, Card Loading & Credit Card Load Systems are illegal” – Bank Of Ghana warns

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The Bank of Ghana (BOG) has warned the public to desist from investing their money or trading with Money doubling, Card Loading and Credit Card Loading Systems because they are all illegal.

The BOG has also warned individuals who deal in such illegal deals as a matter of safety stop their operations or stand a risk of being arrested.

In a statement shared by the BOG today on all its social media platforms, the Apex Bank said it has not given these Money Doubling, Card Loading and Credit Card Loading Systems the permission to operate as deposit-taking institutions thus their operations are illegal.

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The BOG has also cautioned the public not to fall for the numerous social media ads inviting them to invest their money for more returns. It has also said it will be tracking individuals who deal in such activities and get them arrested.

Excerpt of the statement reads:

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“By this notice, the Bank of Ghana informs the general public that the bank has not licensed any entities engaged in “Money Doubling” “Card Loading” and “Credit Card Loading Systems”.

“The said individuals and entities in question commit an offence and will be required to return all funds received. “

Read Full Statement Below:

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