Money Talks! Wife Buys Husband Lamborghini, Husband Challenges Her & Also Buys Her A Mercedes Benz G-Wagon (+Photos)

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When Davido sung in his song that; “Love is sweet oo, BUT when money enter, Love is sweeter” he wasn’t lying at tall and this story from South Africa proves it.

I mean you can love someone and aside showing it emotionally, sometimes being able to show it physically is also very important but if you are dead broke like me, na Indomie you will be able to afford for your loved one.

People on Social media are awed after a couple showed their love for each other by buying luxury cars for each other.

According to the story, the man who is a South African pastor called Bongolethu Mzozo got a Lamborghini Urus as a gift from his wife. The price of a Lamborghini Urus starts from $200,000.

The pastor who was happy also decided to show his love for his wife and bought her a Mercedes Benz G class.

The rich couple who hails from Cottonlands in Durban have been making headlines in their country.

For expressing their love in a way people termed expensive. The lover urged people to respect his wife.

“She is my wife. She is my Mrs Mzozo. She bought this car for me. I love her very much. I’d like to urge people to respect her.” he said.

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