Money without peace is better than peace without money – Criss Waddle

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Criss Waddle has a message for those individuals who believe that despite his wealth, he will not be able to go in peace.

Criss Waddle, a singer from Ghana who is also successful in business, believes that financial security devoid of peace is preferable to tranquility without money.

This assertion was made by the businessman in the form of a post that was posted on his Snapchat.

Criss Waddle has a message for his critics who think he’s not leaving in peace despite his riches.

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The businessman made this statement with a post on his Snapchat.

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Criss Waddle posted; “Money without peace is better than peace with money. 😂😂😂 argue with your ancestors”

Only he can answer the question of what, if anything, may have prompted him to make such a remark.

People have, throughout the years, attributed his wealth to spiritual money. As a result of this, he has been forced to respond to his detractors by asking why the Mallam, who is said to be responsible for his wealth, does not drive a Rolls Royce.

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