Thursday, December 3, 2020

More Evidence About Kwadwo Sheldon Promoting R$pe Pops Up

There is a Biblical saying that before you remove the stick from your neighbor’s eyes, make sure you remove the big log in yours and this is the case of Kwadwo Sheldon.

While Ghanaian comedian Kwadwo Sheldon was busily slamming his colleague Teacher Kwadwo over his uncouth comments about rape, he has been making similar comments in 2013.

Just yesterday, found some post Kwadwo Sheldon made in 2013 where he threatened to rape a lady.

This clearly proved that when it came to posts about rape, Teacher Kwadwo was not the only one who enjoyed playing around with the word rape.

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In another post we have uncovered, Kwadwo Sheldon again on the 19th of March boldly wrote that he had rape things on his mind and no lady should dare come to his hostel else she will feel the wrath of his “joystick”.

As these two sworn enemies keep destroying each other on social media, it has become clear that they will go to every length to drop every secret about each other.

The advice still remains that be extremely careful of what you post on your social media because it could come and bite you one day when you are not watching.

Rape is something nobody should joke about especially since most rape victims become traumatized after the act.

Some even end up commiting suicide since they can’t stand the humiliation.

See Kwadwo Sheldon’s post below;

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