More Twists: “She was never pregnant”-Western Regional Minisiter reveals; husband of missing but found ‘pregnant’ Josephine reacts

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At this stage, I must say I’m confused and don’t know who to believe again now that the  Western Regional Minister, Mr. Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah has disclosed that, the missing but found pregnant woman, Josephine was actually never pregnant.

Yes, you read right!

Recall that Josephine’s husband, Michael Simmons reported that her wife was missing on Friday 17th September after they couldn’t find her the previous day after going for a routine walk at 5 am.

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Everyone even became concerned and worried after her husband told the police that, her mother-in-law had mentioned that someone called her demanding a ransom fueling rumors of another kidnapping case in the Western Region and that pushed the police to start searching for Josephine.

Yesterday, September 21 when she was found in Axim, there were several reports with some even suggesting that she was kidnapped by ritualists, and when pictures emerged without her 9-month baby bump showing, another angle suggested that the kidnappers had taken the baby from her womb for the rituals and allowed her to live.

Her brother-in-law told Takoradi-based Connect FM’s Paa Kwesi Simpson that the family received a call Tuesday morning that she has been spotted in Axim and they followed up to find her alive.

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Now has learned that the Regional Minister said medical report available to the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) indicates that she was not pregnant.

“From the BNI’s preliminary investigations they said this whole story was fake and the medical doctor who took care of her said she wasn’t pregnant,” he told Kessben TV.

A carpenter, Kwesi Nana, who found her said his initial inclination was that she was mentally derailed when he first saw her Tuesday morning sitting in a garden at the premises of the Jehovah Witness church at Tolanu, a suburb of Axim.

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He said they only approached her after they saw her shedding tears.

He said the woman used sign language to request a piece of paper and pen on which she wrote the contact of her pastor and requested he be called.

Meanwhile, authorities at the Axim Government Hospital, have confirmed that the victim, Josephine Panyin Mensah, is responding to treatment.

Her Husband’s reaction to the Minister’s claim that she was never pregnant:

Josephine’s husband who spoke to Connect Fm, this morning insisted that his wife was pregnant and that records are at the Takoradi Hospital which shows that his wife has been pregnant for nine months.

He was moved to tears by the words of the regional Minister, claiming the National Security should have made its cross-checks before coming out with that piece of information.


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