Mortuary Worker Speaks About How People Use Water Used in Bathing Corpses for Rituals

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The General Secretary of the Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana, Richard Kofi Jordan has shed light on rumors that some people use water used to bathe corpses for spiritual rituals.

Speaking in an interview with Okay FM closely monitored by, he confirmed that people do indeed ask for water supply used to bathe dead bodies as they believe it to be ‘spiritually potent’ for all kinds of rituals.
He also revealed that the practice could be happening in some mortuaries across the country and that he had recently been approached to provide such services but he declined the offer.

“Last month someone I know met me and told me he wants to be installed as a Chief in his hometown and so he wants me to help him to get water that has been used to bathe a corpse. And I told him if it’s Lucifer that sent him, then he has failed. I further told him that if he makes a mistake and goes to another place in search of the said water, he will die before getting to the gate of the mortuary. According to him, in the town that he intends to be enstooled as a chief, whoever sits on that throne dies. Hence he was advised by a ‘man of God’ to look for water that has been used to bathe a dead body for it to be used to perform some rituals to fortify him. For me, I will reject it, but you know what money can do, another mortuary man could be influenced to give away such water. I will not deny that people make such requests,” Mr Kofi Jordan disclosed.

He further added: “I remember about four years ago, a mortuary attendant in one of the mortuaries in Accra here informed me that someone had come to him with GHC20,000 to bribe him to cut a body part of a corpse for him. The mortuary man said he immediately rushed to the administration to report the person, but by the time he returned the man had fled. So it’s true that people are walking about looking for such things based on their spiritual beliefs and needs. But we the mortuary attendants are very much aware that we can easily die when we engage in such practices because someone might belong to a spiritual group and might have fortified himself before dying.”

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