Most contemporary songs last for 1 week because the beats are more artificial – Sound engineer Dan Bassey reveals

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Off late, majority of songs produced by Ghanaian musicians do not last long. Majority are only good for the ears in a week and afterwards, it sounds like a noise to the average music consumer for obvious reasons.

Some have attributed this error to whack content in the current crop of music but according to Dan Bassey, a renowned sound engineer in Kumasi, the beat or otherwise instrumentation of a song has what it takes to determine the longevity of a song.

Speaking to Fante Quoo of Inside Prime Page tv, the current crop of beat makers who call themselves as sound engineers make more use of artificial stuff when producing the beat. To him, every sound engineer makes use of computer which isn’t bad but it becomes bad when the effects are too much making the beat more artificial than natural.

Dan Bassey
DAN Bassey Mix
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He attributed the overdose use of effects to the reason why most songs don’t last off late. He cited songs produced by Bob Marley to buttress his point that due to the usage of live instruments in the production, songs by the legendary reggae icon is always appealing to the ears.

Watch full interview below:

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