Most Ladies Are Still Single Because They Don’t Edit Their Pictures – Kisa Gbekle Discloses ( Screeshot)

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Have you ever wondered why at your age you still don’t get proposals from men? Well Ghanaian actress Kisa Gbekle has an answer for you.

According to Kisa Gbekle, most ladies are still single because they don’t edit their pictures.

She took to her Instagram page to post;
You are still single because you don’t edit your pictures. Edit your pictures my sister, give yourself bumbum and breast. You will explain when you meet. ”

Well to the single ladies out there this is the piece of advise Kisa Gbekle has for you. But if you appear as Beyonce in pictures and look like “Scopatumana” in real life, don’t go and blame anyone if you are arrested for fraud.

Checkout her post below;

🔥‘ "My friend told me she's okay that her boyfriend has a sidehick when I told her my boyfriend was cheating on me---- what should I do?"👇 👇

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