Mother causes stir with unique and ‘woke’ baby name choice

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A mother has caused a stir on social media after she revealed the name of her child where hundreds have described the name as ‘cringed’.

A post shared on Reddit has displayed the name of the babycausing uproar online. The couple is said to have namd their child “Metta IV”.

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Pronounced ‘Metaphor’, the moniker upset many with the use of Roman numerals and was dubbed ‘cruel’ and ‘too woke for words’ by parents. While others loved the name, however, and agreed it was both ‘creative’ and ‘unique’, others felt it was clingy.

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‘She’s here. Born January 7, 2020 in our little home by the sea. Her big sister awoke to watch her emerge from my waters and her big brother awake to meet her early the next morning,’ the mum wrote on Instagram.

‘Our birth journey was sacred. Me and Antoine communicated through sound and telepathy for the whole ride and we were so proud of her when she was finally in our arms.

‘Welcome to Earth little one. Metta IV (pronounced Metaphor).’

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‘Nope nope nope nope nope,’ one person wrote, another said: ‘I’ve never laughed at anything this hard off Reddit before.’

‘Emerge from my waters’.. Listen.. I’m pretty new agey and woo-woo, but this makes me wanna vomit,’ a third added. 

Others defended the name. 

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‘I find myself actually glad they went so hard against all spelling rules – Metta isn’t as bed as Meta for word-association? At least if this child goes by Metta later in life, it’ll be an odd but not immediately cringe-worthy name?’ One wrote.

‘The little girl can at least go with Metta! She doesn’t have to tell people about the IV. Metta is a little weird but not too much to automatically cringe!’

It’s not the first time a baby has been named using numeric figures, with one mum going viral for her use of ‘KVIIILYN’ (Kaitlyn) and Tesla founder Elon Musk making headlines for his child’s name X Æ A-12 who is referred to as ‘X’.



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