Mother feeling sad because of her ugly looking baby (+ video

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The cliché “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” is so true in the affairs of humanity. Several barren women keep visiting different prayer camps hoping that God will bless them will a child.

On the contrary, some women have children in abundance yet wish for their untimely demise for obvious reasons as in the case of the content of this publication as a mother wishes the death of her newborn.

Errm a mother has released a video where she expressed disappoinment at how her baby looks and referred to him as ugly.

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“Our biggest fear was having an ugly baby. Now, look. Look what the f*** I got. Look at him. He is so funny looking.” She said as she turned her child around for her viewers to see.

She also complained about the bald patches of hair on her son’s head.

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She added: ” I never wanted to have an ugly baby. Although I felt there was going to be a 50 50 chance that one of these kids was going to come out ugly, because of him (her man).”

The video has elicited shock from viewers.

Watch the viral footage below.




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