Motor Rider Violates Traffic Rules, Dies in the Process (+VIDEO)

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The rate at which motor riders violate the road safety rules has been a major concern in Ghana. Motor riders refuse to wear helmets, ride haphazardly, wreaking havoc on themselves and others. Unfortunately, circumstances such as these have resulted in a fatal accident on the streets of Ghana.

The collision took place this morning when a motorbike rider jumped a red light in an attempt to get to his destination quickly perhaps. It was unknown to him that the cars at the adjacent side of the road had been given the green light to move.

He instantly rammed into the SUV driver’s side of the car, being flung into the air upon impact and then crashing into the ground with great force. He was left in a pool of his own blood after a few seconds as he was not in a helmet or any other protective gear.

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He was rushed to the hospital instantly. This live footage was recorded on a street CCTV camera which had recently been installed.

Watch video below:

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