“Move On, Don’t Keep Stalking A Woman That Says She Doesn’t Want You; It’s Sickness!”-Omojuwa Tells Men

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Nigerian blogger, author, political commentator and social media expert Japheth Omojuwa has advised men to learn to stay away from any woman that says she isn’t interested in them.

Many men would still hang around for a miracle when a lady tells them blatantly that they don’t want to be in any relationship with them.

Omojuwa believes it is a sickness to keep stalking them, and so guys who do that need to be treated for the sickness.

Stalking can be defined as the willful and repeated following, watching or harassing of another person.

Unlike other crimes, which usually involve one act, stalking is a series of actions that occur over a period of time.

“When a woman has told you she doesn’t want you, move on. It is a form of sickness to keep stalking someone for years, long after they rejected your offer of a relationship. Stalk them, stalk who they tweet at, stalk their friends…That’s a sickness that requires treatment,” Omojuwa wrote in a tweet.

It appears that these days, most ladies will just deliberately tell guys off, even if they want them badly, whiles waiting for them to give them pressure, as to them, saying yes immediately means that they are cheap or something.

So guys have learned to apply pressure now but Omojuwa says that is stalking, which is a sickness that needs treatment.

Both guys and ladies can come to a truce to solve this.

When the guys ask the ladies out, they should immediately accept so that stalking them won’t be necessary

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