Movie Director, Pascal Amanfo Writes Open Letter To Moesha Boduong

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A lot of people have expressed concern about the current condition of socialite Moesha Bodoung and some weird reactions she has shown in a series of videos posted online.

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In a lengthy letter addressed to Moesha, Pascal Amanfo revealed the battles he went through with fame before he also had an encounter with God. He advised Moesha to seek reasonable counsel, and also seek mental and emotional help and guidance.

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He wrote…

“Open Letter To A Woman God Boundlessly Loves!!

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My dear Moe @moeshaboduong Those who have a deep spiritual understanding/insight into the “mysteries” of the entertainment industry would know that it is never easy for a person who has tasted the waters of fame and all the trappings of celebrity status to make that decision and transition to surrender it all and live in total dedication and commitment to God!

I make this assertion as someone who has walked that path in sincerity, brokenness, and truth and is in many ways still going through his process!

We cannot know what really transpired in the phase where you yielded or the details of the encounter you had with God, but one thing is sure; you publicly professed Jesus as Lord of your life and indeed if He is, then there are certain things that must be in the light of that truth!!!

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The faith we profess has no other standards besides the Word of God imprinted into the Bible and every personal revelation or word God speaks must align with His Word! Not our feelings, emotions or ideas!

To fully understand a Call it is needful to seek counsel from elders in the faith, seek wisdom, be accountable to people, and be open to God-defined, faith-centered fellowship with saints on the same journey as you.

Your perception of God, your faith, or even His call on your life cannot make up a brand of Christianity! No! A thousand times no!

Lastly, I want to publicly admit that I was on anti-depressant medication at some point in my journey when it felt like the world didn’t understand me and the weight of everything was crushing on me. It took time! It took God to refine, reform, and prepare me for what was ahead!

I have always believed there is a Woman God is making out of you! But it is one thing to believe that and another to yield completely to the process and let God finish what He started.

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If you would ever hear me I would ask that you shut down on all interviews, open yourself to reasonable counsel, for all you have been through seek mental and emotional help and guidance, find a trusted spiritual head to be accountable to, and receive the light and understanding of who you have become!

Love, Pascal💜



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