Movie Producer Reveals The Number Of Popular Kumawood Actresses He Has Slept With (+Video)

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Ghanaian movie producer, Ola Micheal has bluntly stated in an interview with Zionfelix that he has banged a lot of Kumasi-based actresses.

It’s a common knowledge most actresses sleep with producers for movie roles although there have been no concrete evidence. This action has been condemned by some women who take a strong dislike for this ‘abominable’ act.

Ola Micheal, explaining how he ends up sleeping with these actresses, said he’s the one who nurtures these actresses and after they become popular he has affairs with them.

Ola boldly indicated that he has slept with countless kumawood actresses not because he offers them movie roles but because most times some of these actresses are on set and feel horny, and as a result they look at the most available guy whom they can have an affair with, and won’t expose the affair.

According to him, they’re some of intimate moments he never asks for, but they just come his way.


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