Movie Producers Are Sometimes Seduced By Upcoming Actresses “Hungry” For Fame – Actress Helen Omaboe Reveals

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Veteran Ghanaian actress and Movie producer Helen Omaboe has given another interesting twist to the ongoing issues of sex for roles in the movie industry.

According to Helen Omaboe, not only producers should be blamed because some of the actresses are also initiators of sex for roles.

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Sharing her experience on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review,Helen Omaboe, who is a former treasurer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) and currently based in America, revealed that some up and coming actresses send seductive pictures and videos to movie producers to entice them in exchange for movie roles.

“I’m not saying sex for roles is a new phenomenon because it existed during our time but the difference is that this time, the producers were not so direct with their demands as it was reported.

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” What really baffles me is that, the young ladies are the ones now chasing the producers for sexual favours. I have personally seen naked pictures of these wannabe actresses on the phones of some producers who showed them to me as evidence of what they also go through.

“I believe they are doing this just because they are hungry for fame but that is not the way to go. If you are talented, let your talent speak for you and do not try to influence your chances of getting roles by sleeping with producers. They shouldn’t be swayed by fame to engage in regrettable acts,” she advised.

Lots of up and coming actresses have come out to accuse movie producers/directors of soliciting sexual favours from them in exchange for movie roles.

From Helen Omaboe’s statement, both parties are guilty of the shameless acts and we should not only condemn movie producers and directors as they are also victims sometimes.


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