Movie producers keep ignoring me because of my shape — Roselyn Ngissah laments

Roselyn Ngissah
Roselyn Ngissah

XXL Roselyn Ngissah, a Ghanaian actress, revealed how moviemakers had ignored her because of her physique.

The skilled actress said she had to trust in herself despite the indifference, which landed her several movie roles.

Movie producers rejected her because they felt she was not seductive enough to portray them, so they cast a slender person instead. “I believe I would have done better than the skinny person,” she stated.

The actress was speaking at the Access Bank Pan African Conference which was dubbed, “Woman, Be Unstoppable; Break the Bias”.

The event in Accra aimed to promote a world free of gender prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination, and inclusive of everyone.

Roselyn Ngissah said several local movie producers told her she couldn’t get a job because she was too big.

“I never gave up, but instead had to update and improve my craft,” she continued.

Her breakthrough in the film ‘4play’ prompted producers who had previously ignored her.

The actress advised women to embrace their appearance and focus on their careers rather than worrying about what others thought.

Roselyn Ngissah, who is a graduate of the University of Ghana’s School of Performing Arts has featured in several movies like, ‘Somewhere In Africa’, Reckless’, ‘Broadway’, ‘I Stand Accused’, ‘Princess Tyra’, ‘Power of the Gods’, ‘Last Victory’, ‘My Sister’s Honour’, ‘Sin Of The Soul’, ‘4play’, ‘A Sting In A Tale’, and ‘Adams Apples’.

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