Some Movie Producers Wanted To Bring Me Down – Kwaku Manu

Kwaku Manu after having a successful career cannot keep mute over a plot some movie producers designed years back just to wreck his dream.


The “Am Kiss You” coiner in a conversation with KMJ weeks ago stated that these producers he cannot mention their names had a closed-door meeting just to deliberate on the possible ways of bringing him down. According to him, this happened after he made his first trip to America years back.


Kwaku disclosed that the producers’ aim of planning to clear him off the scene was because they thought he would be pompous when he returns from his America trip he embarked on in 2011. He questioned why the producers would waste time to think of such action because his journey to America six years ago was an honour for the movie industry. He stated that an actor traveling to the USA showed how profitable and vibrant the industry was so there was no need for that stratagem.


“I had the chance to make my first trip to America, that is how God planned my life. I was very hot when God opened the door for me to travel to USA and Canada but could you believe that some producers had a meeting to clear me off the industry?


This was all because they thought because I’ve been to America, I’ll be arrogant when I return. I’m asking if it is not honour for the industry when a worker travels to America? Someone outside the industry will even know that there is money in the industry.


After a producer has named actors he wants for his movie, the director would tell him that he’s called you (the actor) several times and you never picked but he the director never contacted you for the job so the producer will start fighting you whenever hwe meet only to findout that I was contacted.


This is what I do for a living so how will I not pick calls which will bring cash into my pocket?” Kwaku Manu told host of Hitz FM morning show.