Mr Drew joins forces with lookalikes, seen in open dance battle with them

Despite the disdain and criticisms they have drawn from Meidkal and Kuame Eugene, the quartet of Ghanaian lookalikes have had huge support from Mr Drew.

Per the content of a viral video shared on Tiktok, the four wannabe artists who share a striking resemblance to Medikal, King Promise, Mr Drew and Kuame Eugene engaged the ‘real’ Mr Drew in synchronized choreography and the internet is at their feet presently.

The young men who call themselves the 4Kings had a swell of time after Mr Drew endorsed them and went ahead to vibe them with a beautiful dance routine.

This inevitably shows he has no qualms their them as opposed to the warnings issued by his colleagues notably Kuame Eugene and Medikal to them to refrain from impersonating them.

In the same bracket, King Promise recently expressed his honest view regarding the rise of lookalikes in popular culture and the apparent problem they appear to be posing.

King Promise has taken a different tack than his compatriots Medikal and Kuame Eugene, who have issued furious warnings to their respective lookalikes to stop using their modus approach.

Although some members of the public have described these individuals as threats, King Promise has said that he is not concerned by their antics.

In contrast to some performers who have warned against fans dressing up as their lookalikes, King Promise believes he has no control over how his supporters choose to display their love for him given his prominence in the country.

“Even Ghana’s president is called King Promise, what do I do about that? I mean, I am in a position where I influence a generation with my music and what I do. If people feel like am their role model and idol. They appreciate the music I make and how I carry myself, I am not mad at that,” he disclosed in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM.

He said they might continue being ardent supporters until they crossed the line, at which point he would have to take action. King Promise repeatedly emphasized that he was the original and that no one could replace him.

“Let them do their thing, it is not like they are crossing some line or boundaries that are crazy. I am cool, I am doing my thing. Everybody knows who the original is. I couldn’t be bothered about this. I feel like they are fans who are showing love in a different way…there is really nothing I can do about it,” he noted.

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