Nigerian musician, Mr. Eazi is dating the daughter of Femi Otedola the billionaire and in a fresh interview has opened up about how he met his girlfriend, Temi Otedola.

Mr. Eazi revealed how he met the love of his life in an interview with Delay on her ‘The Delay Show’.

According to Mr. Eazi, he met Temi when her sister, DJ Cuppy invited her to a show in London.

He told Delay; “I met Temi in London. It was an event, her sister invited me for an event. Her sister was playing at the event, somewhere in Nightbridge and she said, oh come out come out, follow me to this event, so I followed her to the event and then she was deejaying and all of a sudden it was just me and Temi sitting down and just watching her.”

temi otedola
Mr Eazi’s girlfriend, Temi Otedola

When Delay asked him if it was DJ Cuppy who introduced him to her younger sister, Mr. Eazi responded;  “not really, she didn’t like meet my sister, you know, she invited her sister, she invited me. And by the time her sister came, she was already playing, so her sister came to the table and it was me and her. So, obviously, you have to socialise, so I said, Hi what’s up, my name is Mr Eazi.”

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Mr Eazi reveals how he met his billioniare girlfriend, Temi.

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