Mr. Kwarteng Exposes Bullet, Says Bullet Presented A Document Which Stated He Paid Some Artistes At Ebony’s Tribute Concert

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It seems the late Ebony Reigns will not be sleeping in peace anytime soon as her father is waging war with Bullet. In a new interview, he had with Ghone Tv, Mr.Kwarteng whom many have started calling ‘Starboy Kwarteng’  presented some document that explains how much was spent as expenditure for the late Ebony Reigns tribute concert.

Mr. Kwarteng had earlier said in his interview with TV3 that, he was shocked to learn that Bullet says he’s no longer interested in releasing unreleased songs of Ebony and that he’s handing over everything to him.

From all indications, Mr. Kwarteng is not happy with that decision Bullet decided to make and that explains why he’s now backing his arguments with documents he claims were given to him by Bullet.

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At Ebony’s tribute concert which was held some weeks after her unfortunate death,  we were made to believe that all artistes who performed on the night did so for free but in the documents which were read on Ghone TV and a copy given to the station, we see that some artistes were paid for their presence there.

Mr. Kwarteng had earlier on stated in an interview that he was only paid Ghc2,000 as his share of profits  from the 39,000 + revenue that was made.

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From what we see in the document, attached below, grand total cost is Ghc34,600.

A source has also hinted that Bullet says he never gave the said document which outlines the expenditure made to Mr.Kwarteng and that he has no idea where Mr.Kwarteng got that from.

Bullet is currently out of the country as he’s in Germany working with Wendy Shay.

Most Ghanaians are pissed off as some of the artistes who’s names showed up in the list have denied taking any money from Bullet. If it turns out that the document is true, then Bullet will be f**ked up, but we can’t conclude yet till we also hear Bullet’s side of the story.


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