“Mtcheeeww” – Efia Odo Reveals How She Is Jealous Because Kwesi Arthur Was Too Close To A Lady

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Video vixen and photo model Efia Odo burst out on social media revealing how jealous she was because Kwesi Arthur was very close to a lady.

The two have survived several rumors of dating and even a s3x scandal and none of these issues broke their friendship or the relationship they have.

Efia Odo has made a number of posts suggesting she likes Kwesi Arthur or probably even dating him but yet continued to debunk such rumors, her latest one is her revealing how jealousy caught up with her because of Kwesi Arthur.

The reigning rapper of the year recently released visuals for his single “turn on the lights” which had a scene of him very close to a lady and this was what Efia Odo was reacting to.

In a tweet Efia Odo said, “Just seen the video for turn off the light and I’m jealous -_- Kwesi was too close to that girl. Mtchewwwwwww”” stating clearly how jealous she was.

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