Multimedia Boss, Santokh Singh To Clamp Down Nudity From TV To Protect The Young Generation

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Nudity has become one of the many means people promote their products and services. Most musicians use semi nude ladies in their music videos to promote it.

However Managing director of Multimedia group Mr. Santokh Singh has vowed to clamp down nudity in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

Many industry players and well-meaning Ghanaians have lately bemoaned the increased nudity in the entertainment industry. Be it movies, television series, music videos, social media or even on the red carpets, it is very common to find female celebrities especially exposing their lady parts.

Others resort to releasing nude pictures just to trend and gain some clout. This alarming trend has gotten many worried and Mr. Santokh Singh is totally committed to help curb it.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, he said neither he nor his outfit will promote celebrities that portray nudity in any shape, way or form.

Mr. Santokh Singh further sstated that  all music videos with obscene and nude scenes will not be promoted on multimedia platforms regardless of who the artiste may be.

He explained that most children look up to these celebrities and there is the need to worry about the kind of future generation Ghana is training.

Well this idea will help keep the youth under a little control.


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