Murderers of Ambulance Driver Molested His Female Colleague Also

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The horrific murder of Abraham Tetteh Homeku has caused unrest among Ghanaians, especially ambulance drivers and workers. However, to add more fuel to the fire, Prof. Ahmed Zakaria, The Chief Executive Officer of the National Ambulance Service has revealed that, the same armed robbers sexually abused a female paramedic who was in the ambulance.

Speaking in an interview with Joy News, Prof. Ahmed Zakaria confirmed that this horrendous incident has indeed caused unrest among staff of the Ambulance Service. He also added that, people assumed that the criminals thought it was a police car and begun to panic. However, the nature of events has revealed the heartlessness of the perpetrators of justice.

“…For the armed robbers to get close identify it as an ambulance, shot the driver and still shoot the vehicle, force the patient compartment open, see a patient lying on a stretcher being attended to by a paramedic and still go ahead to rob them and manhandle them is something that we are yet to come to terms with. We never would have believed that such a thing will happen.”

“After everything, they forced the poor lady to go and switch off the engine because they felt that siren and the beacon light was drawing attention. So now, the paramedic and the patient were in the patient compartment and normally it is locked. They had to force open, shot the vehicle, force it open, rob the poor girl of her telephone and whatever was on her, fondle her breast…There were two of them, the driver who’s a male, and a female paramedic who was attending to the patient.

As for the driver he was shot in the eye and the head and so he definitely would have lost consciousness and so with the head on the steering wheel with his seat belt still on he could not move at all. So now they had to force the poor girl to leave the patient compartment to go and switch the engine off all this time with a gun pointed at her head, something that is traumatic that it will be very difficult for the lady to recover immediately unless with some psychological support,” Prof. Ahmed Zakaria narrated.

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