Music Executive Turned Artist ‘Alikoto’ Wants To Help You Sleep Easily And Relax With His Music

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Highly respected Music Executive ‘Alikoto’ has launched an initiative to help people sleep easily and be able to relax with his music.

The musical project since its release has bagged a lot of streams across the digital play stores which indicates that it is a positive move.

In times where noise pollution and distractions have become very rampant, there is a need for music that helps calm the mind, body and soul and create a conducive
the atmosphere for relaxation, sleep, focus, meditation and calm.

Bosuo, which is a Twi word that translates to morning dew, has been carefully made by Alikoto, also known as Samson Osei, to do just that and put the minds, bodies
and souls of listeners in a relaxing mood.

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Alikoto employs indigenous African instruments like the wooden xylophone, djembe, marimba, wooden mallet and viola in the making of Bosuo which brings a soothing African vibe to this New Age type of music.

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This song was made possible by the collaborative effort of Smokey The Creator who helped bring certain melodies and ideas by Alikoto to being.

Below are links to the song:

Alikoto- Bosuo smart link:

Alikoto- Eunoia smart link:

As a reminder, Alikoto has been a music executive for over 7 years now and started his music executive journey as an artist manager before proceeding into other aspects of the music business.

Some of the artists and labels he has worked/works with are DJ Mensah, Efya, Sarkodie, Joey B, Darkovibes, La Meme Gang, Hammer of The Last Two, Bosom P-Yung, DJ Paak, Famous Bobson, Iphxne Dj, Warner Music UK, Universal Music among many others.

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