Music is like a bug, when it bites you, you can’t free yourself- Zapp Mallet

Ace sound engineer and producer, Zapp Mallet has revealed in a recent interview why he and music will remain inseprable till death do them apart.

He appeared on the revamped GTV’s breakfast show and where he intimated that nothing will make him stop music production since he is stuck with the craft.

Sounding poetic, Zapp said music is tantamount to a bug which has no cure when it bites you. “I’m used to music now.

I’ve been doing it for over 30 years and I’m stuck with it now. Music is like a bug. When it bites you, you can’t free yourself.

There’s no cure. It’s like a disease, not a terminal disease, but a kind of loving disease. And when it bites you, you can go and work at the bank, and you won’t be happy. You can get a good salary, but you won’



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