Music is now better than it formerly was – Rex Omar

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Rex Omar has admitted that music is now better than it formerly was.

Rex Omar, the legendary Ghanaian highlife musician, has drawn comparisons between the music era and subsequent changes in the music business. He claims that things have much improved.

The present developments in the music business, according to the president of the Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO), have elevated it much above what it was a few years ago.

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Rex Omar claimed that the music business has grown as a result of globalization in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM. He continued by saying that it has given many musicians the opportunity to earn money and gain exposure for their songs.

“Because of globalization, there are open doors. If people approach it with a business mind, they can make money” Rex Omar said.

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The music maestro pointed out, however, that the majority of Ghanaian musicians spend their entire career on the rewards and money they would receive rather than on creating outstanding songs. He counseled artists to make professional investments.

“It is also capital intensive so you cannot just get in and depend on good music. It doesn’t work now. You must have your requisite capital, marketing strategy, marketing plan, and everything and if you have the know-how, you can succeed. So it is better than before but then it is also more capital intensive and you have to understand the business aspect”, he said.

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