Musician, Fireboy Spits Fire As He Says Nigeria Is A Jungle Where Many Young Dreams Are Dying

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Nigerian Musician and songwriter Fireboy is apparently appalled by what is currently happening in Nigeria under the Muhammadu Buhari government.

According to him, Nigeria is a “jungle”, and by his observation, so many young Nigerians with very big dreams are beginning to abandon what they want to do because the systems apparently aren’t working and are, thus, not conducive for their dreams to materialise.

Fireboy is, thus, restless in anticipation of the day changes will be effected in Nigeria to bring back that vibrancy where young Nigerians will begin to have hope of realising their dreams.

All over Africa, governments come and go but the situations remain the same.

citizens keep calling for change, and any government that seeks to usurp the current government often entice people with the message that they are bringing change but the situations almost always remain the same.

Fireboy bared his fury for the lack of progress for the Nigerian youth on Twitter.

He wrote; “I hope the change we want in this country comes soon enough.

it’s really a jungle out here.

too many young dreams dying.”

Below is the screenshot of Fireboy’s tweet.


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