Musician A-Plus Says He Will Legalize Wee If He Were A President

Over the past few years, Ghanaian musician A-Plus has established himself as a controversial figure, earning much criticism and admiration in equal measure just like when he first began his career.

A-Plus has just made another controversial comment on his Facebook timeline, saying if he becomes the president of Ghana, he would either ban cigarette and wee or legalize both.

“If I become president or if I have the power, I’ll either ban cigarette and wee or legalize both. Cigarettes cause so many diseases which lead to death,” he said in his post.

According to him, he didn’t understand why cigarettes are allowed when it’s known that it has deadly health implications on individuals. “Even if wee smoking kills just as cigarette does, why is one legal and the other illegal?” he asked rhetorically.

He however clarified his post so he is not misconstrued, “Ok let me make this clear to everybody. I don’t smoke. I mean, I don’t smoke anything. Smoke can enter my nose by standing close to a kebab stand or tilapia grill etc, dasorrr!!! However, I’m against people being arrested for smoking wee”

Legalization of wee has been an age-long debate, not just in Ghana but the whole world. The campaigned has been much louder in music lyrics from musicians all over the world who feel people have brainwashed to think weed is bad for their health when facts point otherwise.