MUST LISTEN TO: KKD Dedicates A Song To His Haters And Enemies Ahead Of Court Hearing

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Indeed, when we fall into trouble, a scandalous one for that matter, that is when remarks and conducts from those we thought were or considers to be lovers and friends, come out clear to show us the charlatans and mischievous characters we have – but oblivious of.

Ever since KKD’s rape allegation saga broke out, even those he thought were his age-old friends have come hard at him without the slightest respect or consideration for the word SOLIDARITY.

According to KKD, “I had people who practically begged me on Facebook just for me to accept their friend request and become their friend on Facebook. They behaved as though they worship me at my feet, but today, the same people are trashing me due to this accusation. Such is life.”

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On Thursday, 22nd January, 2014, KKD was officially charged with rape by the state prosecutors at the Magistrate Court. This politician when he heard the latest information on KKD’s case, is said to have shouted:

“Yes! KKD, he must rot in jail this time round. We live to see.” The politician, who is very influential, is also pushing certain quarters to see that the case is stretched to its full dimension for justice to be served.

State prosecutors say they have put together their evidence and the bill of indictment but are yet to serve the accused – KKD with a summary of the evidence gathered, and therefore prayed the court for a week’s adjournment to enable KKD’s counsel have access to the document.

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The case has subsequently been adjourned to Thursday January 29, 2015 to enable the prosecutors serve KKD with a summary of the evidence and the bill of indictment for his lawyers to study it. After KKD is served, the case would move from the Magistrate Court to a higher court.

KKD and his lawyers were present in court last week Thursday. The Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court last week granted bail in the sum of GhȻ20,000 with two sureties to KKD on humanitarian grounds after 19 days on remand.

One of KKD’s favourite all time best Highlife musician is the legendary Obourba J. A. Adofo aka the Black Chinese. This is a song that is themed on how those you think are lovers turn out to be enemies when you fall in trouble.

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