Must Read: Five ‘Interesting’ Lies We Were All Told When We Were Young

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If you are 28-years and above, I’m very sure you can easily relate to this article. When we very young, we were told cock and bull stories that our fertile minds could not detect as lies.

Well, let me remind you of these incredible lies if your memory is not serving you well.

  1. India Defeated Ghana In A Soccer Match By 1000-1

I guess this story was one of the reasons why I hated football. I mean how could one team be so ruthless in hammering his opponent 1000-1 within 90-minutes of a soccer match?

The story says Ghana Black Stars played a friendly match against their counterparts from India and by the end of regulation time, Ghana was down by that incredible score line. So I asked why the referee did not have the decency to stop the game. And the funny part of the tale is that anytime the Ghanaian players were going to score, the Indian goalkeeper turned into huge lion or a three-headed beast in the goal post. Moreover, the ball turned into a cooking pot anytime it gets to the feet our players.

Eventually one of our players, called Baba Yara took the risk and scored one goal for us. He died instantly after the goal and as a sign of remembrance, his image was embossed on a tin of Milo.

If you think I’m making this story up, just ask anyone who is probably 30-years and above.

  1. Madam Mok, The Serial Killer

We never saw the fictitious Madam Mok, but we were scared to the bone anytime we heard her name. It was said that Madam Mok killed only school children and used their blood to write the names of her next victim. No one ever saw her, but it is believed she lurked in the shadows and comes in with her noisy footsteps to carry out her wicked schemes.

I remember vividly my own senior fell from the third floor to her death when someone shouted, Madam Mok is coming ooo.

  1. Israel And Egypt Are In Heaven

Ghanaian parents don’t joke with their religion. I believe you have read the popular, My Book Of Bible Stories-good! So we heard places like Babylon, Egypt and Israel and we thought they were special places in Heaven and our elders confirmed that indeed they were in heaven.

  1. You Will Die Instantly When You Write Your Name With A Red Pen

I think this one is more familiar with today’s generation. I just don’t know who started this lie but just like most superstitions, we believed it without proper scrutiny.

Writing your name with red pen will cause your death? I guess I should have died long time ago.

  1. The Magic Pen From India Which Makes Students Pass Their Exams

This story became famous in the early 90s. It was actually spread by lazy students who did not like studying. According to what I heard, you can only obtain this special pen from India if you write a letter to request for it and seal it with a pint of your blood. Yes you will use your blood to stamp it, sort of.

Once you’re done, don’t go to the post box to mail it; just locate a refuse dump and throw the letter there. In three days, the pen will arrive via the same medium.

Chai! We have suffered papa!



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