MUST READ: This Is The Best And Deepest Advice From Another Celebrity To Medikal, Fella Makafui And Sister Derby Concerning Their Ongoing Relationship Drama

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Things are becoming worse each passing day with the drama being unfolded on social media between Sister Derby, Medikal And Fella Makafui.

Khareema Aguiar, an actress and a mother has added her voice to all the recent happenings and we think she’s the only celebrity who has made so much sense( the most relevant post) with her advice to the three persons in question. 

Below are the two separate posts she made to Medikal, Sister Derby and Fella Makafui.

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Read them carefully and let us know what you think:

I know this here really isn’t my business but being a woman and seeing two women involved in this ,I felt I should share my thoughts::

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My dear @amgmedikal nobody is saying you did wrong by choosing to have an ex,what my concern and for that matter other people’s is how you go about things.

People break up every single day and new relationships are built every single day but how we go about each breakup is what we are talking about here,it’s just like deciding to get to Point A,the process you go through to arrive at Point A is what we are talking about,are you going to go through a process where by should you decide to return you can return using the same process or you wouldn’t really care how how you get there which may make it difficult to return by same process? You could easily go about your new relationship quietly considering the fact that your ex is in the same media as you are and according her as well as her fans that respect by not posting videos or pictures to mock her,I know you speak about mocking now because of the song your ex @sisterdeborah has released but let’s be frank,your pictures and posts am sure led her into releasing hers (I maybe wrong),I know you also clearly stated how your new lover @fellamakafui is matured and hardworking,yes I see that but I wish @fellamakafui would have been the one to advice that you kept it quietly so it didn’t look like you were mocking anybody but she failed at that.

Clearly all three of you need to go back for a minute and think about this whole Drama going on and approach it in a better and matured way.As the man,try not to confuse two ladies especially ladies in the same entertainment world,of course someone maybe better than someone but don’t forget that someone at some point was there for you and made you smile even if for a split second. @fellamakafui my dear young entrepreneur,you are a young,smart,business minded lady and I admire and applaud your quick progress but if you want to grow as an entrepreneur,please don’t create enemies for your young brand,yes you may have enemies because we all do but don’t create them deliberately. @sisterdeborah pls just move on & be happy.

In the next post, this was what she wrote too:

@sisterdeborah breakups are hard,yes I’ve been there before especially when you didn’t see it coming or you never thought of it but hey,don’t forget marriages breakup, husbands die leaving their wives and wives die leaving their husbands,even mothers lose their kids to death….. but in all of these,never blame yourself,or see yourself not being good enough,you are so good,your perfect match won’t even see how broken you are if even you are…… don’t forget God has a reason for everything that happens in this life so just shake it off and keep it moving. My dear @fellamakafui don’t be happy about everything going on,just learn from @sisterdeborah and remain calm and do a better job to keep your man and if this is real love,I wish you well in it and enjoy it,but do not mock anybody of what you have now,we are all blind to the future.

@amgmedikal am glad you say you have finally fallen in love with your friend of 5 years,so again if this is your God approved relationship,may it be well with you but if you will listen to my advice( I know it may not mean anything to you) but if it happens that it means something to you,be a man and make peace with your past(ex) so nothing holds you back tho your ex isn’t God but trust me “The universe Judges” Do the manly thing as a man and let’s all leave the rest to Time and God.

I wish you all 3 a good one and in everything,never forget that I said,the universe judges.

Thank you for reading,goodnight

Here is a screenshot of the posts she captioned above:


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  1. Well said ma’am… But the video thing @FellaMakafui started by posting wugi obi gurl aaa nid3… I’m not sister derby.. But my heart is broken..


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