MUST READ: What Actually Is Wrong With Our Ghanaian Female Musicians?

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Music they say,is food for the soul.As a music lover,I am very distinctive about the kind of music I listen to and sometimes, lie on my bed and imagine how big the Ghanaian music industry will be in some few years to come as compared to where it is now.

Honestly,our musicians are really doing well both locally and internationally and I think they should be lauded for that.

The competition among the males is very tough in recent times which means everyone is stepping up his game.But then,there is a little problem with the ladies.They seem not to be very consistent as compared to the gentlemen. The dudes are able to hold on to the fame for a while but with most of the ladies,it is not so. They hit with a single,and then that’s it.Sometimes I wander what happens to them?

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There is this saying that, what a man can do,a woman can do it better. We really have great female musicians here in Ghana. Someone might say most of them do not have the passion for it but instead, they in for the fame and money,which might be the reason they put in less effort.Generally,they make very good songs which we all enjoy.

One could easily mention the top 5 male musicians who have been consistent within the past 12 months but it becomes quite difficult when it comes to the ladies;which is an undisputed fact. I can boldly say that some female musicians in Ghana perform far better than some male musicians but the question is, what are they doing to stay relevant always?

Efya,Becca,Eazzy,Mzvee,Mzbel,Tiffany,Irene,Kaakie,Caroline,Sister   Debbie,Eno,Adina,mimi,Adina,AK Songstress,Diamond and several others, are some of the amazing female talents we have here in Ghana.

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Most of them lack consistency unlike the guys.Well I wouldn’t want to compare them with female artistes in other countries because of the size of their industry but then, you don’t need a bigger industry to become a very consistent artiste and a successful one.

Female musicians like Adele,Beyonce,Nicki Minaj,Tiwa Savage,Seyi Shay are some of the very few female artistes making it bigger than most male musicians.Our Ghanaian female musicians could make it better than these names I just mentioned with hardwork and determination.

For a legend like Akosua Agyapong,she used to compete with the likes of Amakye Dede,Pat Thomas,Daddy Lumba and others and we say Kudos to her.Even in her time,publicities and promotions were poor compared to its current trend now but she surpassed.

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I for one,I suggest we strategize ways to make these talented female artistes rise up their game and make the industry a competitive one. Maybe we should see how well to publicize them and then collaborations should be more with the guys and amongst themselves.They should also try international collaborations and learn more.

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