My blood is included – Two men at each other’s throat at naming ceremony- Watch

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Two Ghanaian men were at each other throats at a naming ceremony as they both claimed ownership of a baby.

The woman at the centre of the controversy Akosua Margarete aka Akosua Maggy got pregnant with her new partner Kofi Owusu after breaking up with Osman, a married father of five children and two wives.

Three months into Akos’s pregnancy, she requested that her new lover, Kofi Owusu should hurriedly pay her bride price so the marriage clause can be activated but his family vehemently opposed it insisting that she must give birth first.

Kofi Owusu then performed the ‘knocking’ rites according to Akosua’s father. In response to Osman’s allegations, Akosua stated that she was dating him before she started a relationship with Kofi.

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For this reason, she believes the pregnancy belongs to Osman.

“I started seeing Osman and had no idea I was pregnant, therefore since the sign appears to be on Osman’s hand, I’ll give him the baby; Akosua said.

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