My child was fathered by three men- Woman reveals on live radio

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A Ghanaian lady has become topical online after she shamelessly mentioned the names of three men she claimed fathered her child.

Amidst tears, the lady suggested that she actually has no clue as to who the ‘real’ father of her child is because three men slept with her at different times before and after conception.

She was hosted in the studios of Oyerepa FM where she mentioned the names of the men she had intercourse with.

The programme which was also streamed live on Facebook saw the photos of the men being shared on air.

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She proceeded to ask all of them to own up and share in the responsibility of the child because they all contributed their s.perms to her honeypot.

In other news that might interest you, Francis Van-Lare, a Nigerian living in the US, has discussed the importance of the title “man of the house,” which he relates to the ability to give one’s wife a cash gift of N500,000 (over ₵14,000).

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The US-based business magnate used his social media platform to share his personal opinions on what it means to be a man of his home.

In Van-opinion, Lare’s a guy must be able to offer his wife N500k right away if he wants to be referred to as the man of the house.

He added that men should not serve as pillows in their homes but rather serve as pillars.

In his words, he wrote:

“You are not a man of the house if your woman asks you N500K and you don’t have it. Men are supposed to be the pillar, not the pillow.”

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