My close friend blocked me after introducing her to a rich man and changed her life – Lady cries out

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A young lady has taken to the gram to narrate how her close friend she helped ended up being labeled as a bad person.

The lady who seems to have been hurt by the actions of her friend noted that her friend confided in her when she was having challenges.

According to her, the friend was having challenges hence she introduced her to a rich man who liked her then later he changed the friend’s life.

She narrated that she changed her life by getting her apartment and even setting up a business for his girlfriend when they started dating but the girl started showing her boyfriend her nasty side then he advised her to change her circle.

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Responding to the boyfriend’s advice she noted that if she’s to do that they will have to start from the friend who linked them adding she’s a bad friend.

The narrator added that her friend blocked her in the presence of her boyfriend saying he was shocked that he had to call her and find out what’s going on between the two.

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