My colleagues who demand sex from budding actresses before giving them roles should be dealt with — Comedian Mr Macaroni charges

Mr Macaroni is fuming and has said his colleagues who are heavily into sex for roles should be named and shamed.

He said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) while reacting to wild reports that surfaced recently that a lot of the comedy skitmakers are seriously banging the ladies they feature in their content.

”I’ve always spoken against it, even before I attained this position being a public figure. I have kicked against it, I have a series of tweets against it, I have lots of content to speak against it, it is highly disrespectful and highly degrading, and it reeks of how much we have lost touch with humanity.

People should get roles and jobs based on competence, based on the fact that they are able to deliver. How many people will you sleep with?” He added that there should be consequences for such actions rather than turning a blind eye.

“There should be consequences for reprehensible behaviour to do better. If not, if they are found guilty, I want to believe there are appropriate p#nishments to address this.

And it cuts across, it’s not just s*x, somebody will ask you to go and bring money for a job; if they have money will they be looking for jobs, we shouldn’t ruin the lives of others too,” Macaroni said.



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