My cousin pays me to act as a servant because he lied to his American girlfriend that he is a tribal chief in Africa – Man shares story

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A young man from Zimbabwe who happens to be a DJ has shared an interesting tale of how he consolidates a big lie started by his cousin who resides in the US.

The guy who uses the ID @DJMoxZim on Twitter disclosed that his cousin lied about being a tribal chief in Zimbabwe to his American girlfriend, so he contacted him to act as if he works for him back in Africa.

Every week, this DJ has to call his cousin in the US and pretend to be calling from a cattle farm while addressing him as ‘My Lord’ and show him other forms of reverence as accorded to royals. He said this facade comes with a stipend of $200 every week which is really ‘worth it.’

Taking to Twitter, @DjMoxZim wrote; ”My cousin lied to American chick that he is a tribal chief in Zim. Now I have to video call him every week at my friend’s cattle farm calling him “My Lord” and saying his cattle are well. For 200 bucks a week it’s worth it.”

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See some few reactions his post generated;

@CiraNzube; The Igbo girl in me is thinking of buying a cattle with each 200 he sends and in 3 months, own a cattle farm that would be called “Zim”. Make him understand he could own one too as a friend and I’d be the manager.

And as for calling him “My Lord”, that would cost an extra 50.

@Lauryn_wambui_; Very worth it, if he needs more actors I can pretend to be a maid, for 500 bucks.

@Preciou19417466; I can milk cow’s. Let me act as the maiden that milk the cows and give to the aged in the community for free as his sign of kind gesture towards his old subject’s, I’ll also give updates on how grateful the kingdom is towards his charity even while he is far away..$50 only.

@_amustapha; Does your village need a website? I’d build one for $100 a week @KayceeMasocha; Don’t you also need female servants…. I’m here…. We need to help our brother seal the deal

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