“My Ex-boyfriend Has Sent Me Christmas Packages For 4 Years Now; Even When I Say No, He Sends”- Lady Says

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A lady is bewildered as to why his ex-boyfriend never missed sending her packages every year when Christmas comes around and continuously did that four years after their breakup.

According to her, every Christmas, she gets the gifts from him even when she asks him not to do that.

She stated that the kind of items she normally receives include Bag of rice, a keg of oil, tin tomatoes, a crate of eggs, pack of Maggie and salt, with hamper when they were dating, but the ex-boyfriend continuously sent those items even when they weren’t together any longer

The lady, known on Twitter as Oiza, wrote; “My ex always send me Christmas package ( Bag of rice, keg of oil, tin tomatoes, crate of egg, pack of Maggie and salt , with hamper) when we were dating. We broke up 4yrs ago & dude still never missed one Christmas, he still send those things, even when I say No, he still send.”

This is a show of real love from the said guy as a lot of guys out there wouldn’t even look back when their girlfriends break up with them, to talk of sending them Christmas packages every other year.

To go as far as sending them Christmas present every year is the mark of a gentleman who was really deep in love but was just wiped out.

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