My ex-husband traveled to America after our wedding and never returned – Veteran actress shares

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Veteran Ghanaian actress Queen Sabby Deborah has opened up about why her marriage with her ex-husband failed.

The actress while sharing her advice to the youth disclosed that she used to be very arrogant and uncontrollable during her youthful days which didn’t end well for her.

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Actress Queen Sabby in an interview on Adom TV disclosed how her ex-husband thought her a bitter lesson she will never forget. According to her, her husband ditched her a few weeks after their marriage.

The Kumawood actress disclosed that her husband traveled to the States and never returned; to date, she is yet to hear from him.

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“Growing up, I enjoyed the idea of lavish living. I traveled far and near just to buy jewels and I dined at the fanciest restaurants. I was just blowing off cash because it was from my own sweat. I had no regard for men because I was independent. When they talk, I talk back because I could fend for myself. I was uncontrollable and not submissive.

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“I thought I was tough until a man I married took advantage of me. We had a talked-about wedding and held a party after parties for days, but after, he ditched me and I am yet to hear from him.”

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Queen Sabby added that her husband traveled under the pretext of going to secure their future, but she later realized it was for his selfish interest.


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