My experience at Ghana’s strip club was incredible – American radio host Charlamagne

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Well-known American television and radio host  Lenard Larry McKelvey, popularly known as Charlamagne has shared his experience following his visit to a strippers club in Ghana.

According to Graphic Online, Lenard Larry disclosed how shocked he was when he was told Ghana had a strippers club.

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Charlamagne revealed that when he was told there was a strippers club in Ghana, he became interested. He disclosed that he hadn’t been to a strippers club in decades.

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“Man, we were in there having a good old time; we were in there having a ball. I haven’t been to a strip club in decades, but when I heard that Ghana had a strip club, I had to go see it,” he shared.

Charlamagne described his visit to the strippers club as a novel experience for him because all of the music played there was Afrobeats and the women danced rhythmically to the sounds.

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First of all, the women in Africa are beautiful… It was all Afrobeats, African women got a different rhythm too, they were playing African music in the strip club… It was an exhilarating experience,” he said.

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“The strip club was incredible, cos as a faithful black male, I knew that the only way that I will get to see a beautiful African woman naked was in the strip club.

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So, when I heard they had a strip club, I said let’s go to the strip club. It was incredible bro,” he expressed in the interview.



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