My fiance wants me to leave my son with my parents before we get married – Single mom expresses concern

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A single mother has confided in an online counselor about the fact that her fiance does not want to have anything to do with her child.

Her full post reads

“I’m a single mom.

My son is five years old and I’m no longer in contact with his father. His father left since he found out that I was pregnant. It has been a very difficult phase for me but I am grateful for where I am now.

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I work in an institute and regardless of how busy I used to be, I have been able to singlehandedly raise my child and give him the best care I can.

Since I gave birth to him, I have not heard from the father, I faced a lot of challenges while pregnant because many people especially my family believed it was a dishonorable thing to be pregnant while unmarried. After delivery, I took time to heal from the hurt I faced before considering another relationship.

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I have been getting quite a number of advances from men, some of whom are not aware that I even have a child. I have been very calm and honestly, I wish to find love again. I have tried a few relationships but they didn’t work out. Some men, once they find out that I have a child, they would instantly withdraw.

Some men think it’s okay to treat single moms with disrespect and once I find out you act that way, I quickly end things with them. I met this guy middle of last year. He appeared as a really nice person and when I told him about my child, he didn’t act weird. He said it was fine and we continued dating. Like I said, he is a great guy and I tried as much as possible not to involve my child in our relationship.

The guy only met my son four times and I never did a formal introduction between them because I didn’t want my son to meet someone whom I didn’t know how long he was going to stay in my life. Now, we have started talking about marriage and this guy is suddenly asking me to do the unthinkable.

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He wants me to leave my child with my parents when we get married. According to him, he wouldn’t like to father someone else’s child and knowing that my son’s father will pop up one day to claim his child. He said he wasn’t ready for the drama that may ensue.

I have been quite careful but nothing prepared ne for this part. I have raised my son till now are we have created and shared a bond. I love my son so much that I can’t stand living without him. Besides my parents won’t take good care of him. I love my fiance so much too and I don’t want to lose him.”


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