My GH¢60,000 worth hot body no longer for rich men – Kisa Gbekle makes U-turn perhaps after low turnout

Kisa Gbekle, a socialite from Ghana, has retracted her prior statements in which she said that the primary reason for her €8,000 worth of liposuction was to attract wealthy men.

Shortly after Kisa’s surgery, which took place in January 2022, she revealed that she had made a significant financial investment in her body. As a result, she said that she would only let wealthy men into her space in an effort to recover her financial investment and generate a profit.

During that time, Kisa gave an interview to Zionfelix in which she said that in order to thrive and have men take excellent care of her body, she would want guys with deep pockets.

“Now my body is meant for men with heavy pockets. When I say heavy, heavy entails a lot. You are aware that I have just completed my entire body. And it isn’t easy. It’s a large sum of money. So I need someone who is wealthy and has a lot of money. It doesn’t matter how old you are. I’m cool as long as the person is cool, calm, collected, and heavy,” Kisa remarked.

However, it would seem that the famous actress has given up hope of finding a rich partner at this point in her search.

Kisa Gbekle said that she does not need affluent guys anymore during a recent conversation she had with Abeiku Santana on the program Atuu. She said that she had absolutely no desire to be in a relationship of any kind.

“I used to think my body is expensive so it should be for big men. Maybe I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m not even interested in such things anymore. I’m no longer for any big man. I’m not even interested in men these days because I’ve seen it all. Men were chasing me all over but I don’t want a relationship. I don’t want a boyfriend. I’m not interested in women either. I’m not a lesbian,” she said.

The actress has said that her prior remarks that wealthy men are required to take care of her pricey body were the result of inexperience on her part.


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