My Girlfriend Called Me Stingy After I Asked Her To Contribute Money For Bills At My House – Young man Sadly Narrates

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A young man who is tired of playing the “sugar daddy” role in the life of his girlfriend has come out to lament about how she called him a stingy man for asking her to contribute.

According to the young man, the lady has been staying with him for a few months now. She enjoys all the privileges of a “wife” but refuses to contribute her quota to for what she is enjoying.

His story reads:

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” My girlfriend is angry at me because I asked her to contribute towards our household expenses. It’s been 2 days without her talking to me. She moved in with me in August because she found a job in my area. September and October I didn’t say anything when she got paid.

She got her 3rd salary on the 15th and I asked her to buy grocery, electricity and pay DSTV. She told me it’s rude for a man to ask a woman to do that. I even heard her telling someone on the phone that I am becoming stingy like other guys. I told her if she doesn’t want to contribute she must go look for her own place.

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I pay 8k rent and drop her at work every morning and fetch her in the afternoon. She uses my WiFi and watches Netflix that is paid by me. Everything she uses in the house is mine. How does that make me stingy? What’s her money for? I know this is a conversation I must have with her, but is this what women expect, generally?

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