My Girlfriend Is So Ugly, She Doesn’t Believe When I Say I Love Her – Sad Boyfriend

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A boyfriend has found himself going to every extent possible to explain to his girlfriend that his love for her is genuine.

Ordinarily, this action by the boyfriend shouldn’t have found space in any social media forum, since it is the natural order for partners to assure each other of their love.

Except that there is a problem, and that is the fact that the girlfriend of this boyfriend is not blessed with facial beauty.

This situation has resulted in the girlfriend receding into her shelf and accepting that no man will really and truly love her just the way she is.

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“Truth is she is really ugly but I don’t care about her looks, she is a good woman and I believe that love goes beyond looks” the boyfriend wrote to Sister-Sister-dating and relationship adult show on Citi TV.

Nothing he’s done, including all the numerous assurances he’s given her ugly girlfriend has been able to convince her that his love is blind and doesn’t see her ugliness as a stumbling block.

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The saddest part of all this, he concludes is “Whenever I tell her I love her and can’t wait to marry her, she replies by saying, “hmmm all are lies”.

Whenever I tell her I love her and can’t wait to marry her, she replies by saying, “hmmm all are lies”. Right now I don’t know if there is anything more I can do to prove my love for her. Help me please.”

Enough, what will be your advice for him?


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