My Heartless Girlfriend Used Chop Money I Give Her To Build a House – Gh Man Laments

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A young Ghanaian guy is at his wits end after finding out how industrious his girlfriend has become after dating for a short period of time.

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According to the guy called David in an interview on Joy FM’s super morning show, his girlfriend who is now his ex constantly carried away extra food whenever she came over to his place.

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David furthered that even when they go out to restaurants, she would always demand that extra food is packaged for her to take home.

“Can you just imagine, ladies who come to you and even when they cook for you they want to pack some home, you invite them for lunch or dinner and after eating, drinking with you, they want take-away, when you see those people don’t venture,” he said on Friday.

“You give them money to cook in your own house and when she’s going to her house she packs some of the food she came to cook in your house, you invite her for dinner or lunch and after spending all your money she calls the waiter to pack extra food for her,” he added.

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David also revealed how he gave her weekly upkeep money.

David shared his ordeal when he called into Joy FM’s Super Morning Show during a discussion on how to identify a bad partner, gestures that have been popularly phrased as ‘red flags’.

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On the programme, David narrated that the ex-lover embarked on this venture to reserve the weekly stipend and rather invested it into her building project, unbeknownst to him.

“I always gave her weekly chop money for her upkeep and not knowing she had bought a plot of land at Oyibi with my money and had started building, I had no idea.”

“Meanwhile I haven’t even bought a bag of cement before, I didn’t know my money could build,” he recalled.

David said this has become a big red flag for him sparking a new level of vigilance in his dealings with women subsequently.

Some people think he was dating a brilliant woman so instead of chastisting her, he should be grateful to her that she didn’t misuse the money.


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